You may encounter many defeats, 
but you must not be defeated. 
In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, 
so you can know who you are, 
what you can rise from, 
how you can still come out of it. 

~ Maya Angelou ~

tell me your story…

If you would like to participate and be featured on Unapologetically Strong & Female, please let me know! All women are welcome and the process is simple...

1) Five questions; I'll send a questionnaire for you to complete. There is no limit to how much or how little you may share, so answer with your heart and know both verbosity and brevity are totally fine.

2) Five photos; We'll set up a 30 minute photo session and spend some time together. Once edited and ready for posting, you'll receive digital copies of the five images featured on the USF page. 

BOOM! Unapologetically strong and female! 

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