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One goal... To encourage each other


I’ve struggled with crippling insecurities for 42 years. Daily agonizing shame worried I’m too loud, not smart enough, under-educated, overprotected, and a dozen other foul lies I fight inside my head hour by hour.

For 42 years.

Added to these inane waves of worry is an obsession with other’s perception of me… Am I docile enough or overbearing? Too fat or too flabby, too cute to be sexy, too old to be wanted? Am I just seen as a weak lump in a skirt?

42 years.

I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend… I am a passionate survivor of both circumstances beyond my control and poor personal choices. I am an accomplished photographer, writer, speaker and damn good employee.

Still, for 42, I have a hard time seeing the good in me.

Unapologetically Strong & Female is, partially, an avenue of self-discovery for me to finally claim my strength, which I’m desperate to do, but mostly it’s my attempt to bring a spotlight to all women who daily stand strong in the face of external adversity and the internal ugly that I myself have faced for 42 years.